Fire-resistant PTV safe


Our EI 60/120 fire safes are designed to protect your remote safe power supplies, among other things, or any material that requires protection from fire. They are available with a removable front or a hatch.

By “protected technical volume” we mean a room, cupboard or box whose volume is protected from external fire so that any materials it contains can continue to provide their services for a certain time.

As a general rule, this time should correspond to the degree of fire stability required for the building, except for the passage through rooms at particular risk, for which the protection must be identical to that required for those rooms.

We can provide you with ready-made safes that last 60 or 120 minutes, either with a removable front or a hatch.

Depending on the degree of fire resistance, the dimensions available range from 30x30x30 cm to 90x90x90 cm.

The installation will be carried out through the inside of the safe with the aid of the fixings (not supplied) that you may have, depending on the nature of the partition where the PTV will be installed.

coffret vtp coupe feu
coffret vtp coupe-feu

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