Work in high-risk zones


The MONDIALISOL teams are specialised and skilled in working in all high-risk zones that require the expertise to provide a high-quality service, while complying with health and safety requirements:

  • Able to use scaffolding; CACES safety certification for working at height.
  • H0/BS training for work in electrical rooms.
  • N1 and N2 certification for installations that present a chemical risk.
  • ATEX for the installation of passive fire protection in zones at a risk of explosion.
  • “Asbestos” certification for the study and implementation of your projects under sub section 4.

Our teams are also trained to work on sites with specific requirements for safety and security:

  • M1 et M2 mechanical certification for work on EDF sites.
  • Training on airport security.
  • Training on the RATP safety provisions.
travaux en zone a risque
travaux en zone à risque

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