Fire-resistant caulking


Our caulking department can offer you our EI 60 to 240-minute caulking systems (fire-resistant for 1 to 4 hours) for construction, industry, the service sector, maritime sector and also hydrocarbon zones.

Our products allow you to update the fire-resistant integrity of your compartmentation features, such as slabs, partitions and dry walls.

Our systems have been validated for all the service penetration sizes of the ISO 1366-3 standard: small, medium, large, for all types of cable sold in Europe.

Our fire-resistant processes are divided into several ranges: coated mineral wool, mortar, malleable paste, fillers, detachable bags, collars for PVC tubing, stoppers, expanding foam, etc.

Our Installation Department can provide complete management of your work sites or compliance updates throughout France.

Our teams have all of the key skills and training required to work on all different kinds of sites.
All of the products in our catalogue can be implemented by this department.

Our applications also extend to the implementation of fire safes, PTVs, transit points, walls, partition walls, the installation of fire doors, the protection of structures through flocking or painting, and the sealing of rooms for the purpose of blower-door tests. By trusting us with your installations, you can completely outsource the management of your fire protection projects, while benefiting from the best solutions currently on the market and meeting the requirements of current regulations.

Calfeutrement coupe-feu


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