Fire-proof mortar


Cablisol fire-resistant mortar is intended for filling in mixed-use service penetrations (cables, metal and PVC pipes). It has been tested according to the new European test standards (13663-3: 2008) by CSTB with the following results:

  • fire resistant for two hours (EI 120) and flame retardant for four hours (E240) for partitions and slabs,
  • fire resistant for 2 hours on the increased hydrocarbon temperature curve.

Cablisol fire-resistant mortar is the ideal system for use with medium to large-sized service penetrations, requiring mechanical resistance that is higher than standard systems.

The low density of Cablisol fire-resistant mortar allows you to reuse your fire-resistant installations without destroying the existing caulking.

Cablisol Mondialisol
Cablisol Mondialisol

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