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For almost 30 years, Mondialisol has designed, manufactured, distributed and installed systems for passive protection against fire, specially designed for the protection of electrical cables and piping, as well as the closure of any wall or floor holes in order to restore their initial level of fire resistance.

Our cutting-edge products are verified to have no halogens or solvents. They are manufactured in our factory in France. They are subject to numerous official laboratory trials based on European standards for industry and construction, and international maritime standards.

Mondialisol is also ISO 9001 certified.
We are able to meet all the requests of our clients, for either provision or installation, with an installation warranty.
We have a presence in all areas of industry, as well as in the construction and maritime sectors.
At the request of its clients, Mondialisol is also involved in training the staff selected to install its products.

In this case, Mondialisol will provide the products required and monitor the works.
After quality control of the works, a compliance certificate will then be issued for the installation for applications complying with the product documentation.