Cable trough protection


CANISOL cable trough protection: Channel that is fire-resistant for 2 hours, for protection against fire in electrical cables and piping.

CANISOL cable trough protection is preformed in the factory for dimensions of up to 650 mm, with a bell-curve shaped cover.

For dimensions of over 650 mm, it is assembled on site. It is made of plaster, glass fibre and vermiculite, with a thickness of 45 mm.

Once the CANISOL cable trough protection has been installed and its cover has been sealed, it is smokeproof for combustion gases and fumes. The gutter supports are protected by casing of the same material.

CANISOL cable trough protection is used in existing electrical constructions to protect cables, cable ducts and metal piping, with fire-resistant protection that lasts for two hours.

In new electrical installations, CANISOL cable trough protection can be used for fire-resistant cable ducts, replacing traditional ducts, which means savings can be made while achieving fire-resistant cable protection of two hours.

CANISOL cable trough protection can be installed by our qualified teams or by outside staff with our assistance and technical quality control at the end of the works.

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Cheminement technique protégé


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