Fire-resistant flange


Jointisol fire-resistant joints: joints that are fire-resistant for up to four hours with a fire-resistant flange of mineral wool, held in place by a fireproof collar and covered with a sealed coating. CSTB tested, Ref. no. 8522572.

Jointisol fire-resistant joint system: single component silicone coating with an elongation at break of 500%, giving great flexibility and joint dilation.

The Jointisol fire-resistant joint system is insoluble in water once dry. It offers very high fire-resistance and also mechanical resistance.

The Jointisol fire-resistant joint system comprises rock wool covered in flexible glass fibre and can connect all kinds of joints – whether straight, curved or in different planes – without discontinuity. Its elasticity means it can follow all the deformations of the joint, ensuring it is permanently sealed against smoke and fire. Several dimensions are available from a 20 mm to a 70 mm diameter.

jointisol bourrelet coupe feu
jointisol bourrelet coupe-feu

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