Fire-resistant malleable paste


Patisol HF fire-resistant paste is a polymer that can be modelled by hand, a truly malleable intumescent paste. It remains supple and flexible throughout its life cycle.

Intended for filling in small to medium-sized cable transit penetrations, Partisol HF fire-resistant malleable paste is ready for use.

Patisol HF has been tested by CSTB according to the new European standards (1366-3: 2008; Ref. no. RS12/004A – 004B – 004C, test report no. RS12-097):

  • fire resistant for four hours and flame retardant for four hours in partitions,
  • fire resistant for one hour in a PVC pipe transit of up to 100 mm in diameter, CSTB Ref. no. RS12-004 A.

Like all of the products in our range, it allows cables to be added or removed.

Patisol HF
pate modelable

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