Research and development


Thanks to its know-how in the field of fireproof insulation materials and its knowledge of current regulations, Mondialisol has acquired expertise in the formulation and manufacture of a wide range of products:

– Paints and mastics
– Panels
– Inorganic products such as mortars or coatings
– Various polymers

Thanks to its network of partners and official laboratories, Mondialisol has renewed a wide range of products since 2012, enabling us to be at the forefront, notably on the latest environmental and regulatory requirements:

– Halogen free range
– Products in compliance with the new European building regulations.

On a one-time basis, Mondialisol also carries out more specific studies on its products for its customers. For example, we have developed a test bench to evaluate the water-tightness of certain products, or else carry out aging or freeze-thaw cycles.

Today, Mondialisol devotes a large part of its effort on innovation to offer you products that are in line with the constraints of implementation, environmental, toxicological and remains in constant watch regarding the new fire standards.


Recherche et développement Mondialisol
Recherche et développement Mondialisol

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